What is Send a Kid to Camp?

The Send a Kid to Camp fundraiser is a partnership between Trinity Kids and local businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to build awareness of child abuse in north Texas and raise money to support the needs of those children.  This year's event is planned for Tuesday, April 25th, and will last the entire day.

Businesses provide support by setting aside a portion of their daily sales for individuals who buy products or services from their business and mention it is for Trinity Kids. For example, a restaurant may decide to donate 10% of all receipts for a specific day if those who visit the restaurant that day state that they came to the restaurant on behalf of Trinity Kids.  This provides incentive for people to visit a particular restaurant when they may not have otherwise done so. This type of fundraiser is mutually beneficial because it promotes the restaurant and provides additional funding for the children served by Trinity Kids.

How can I participate?

Strong participation is critical and necessary to any successful fundraising event. The Send a Kid to Camp fundraiser provides two ways to support Trinity Kids

The first way to support us is by visiting one or more of our participating sponsors on the list to the right.  A portion of your spending will be donated by the sponsor to Trinity Kids in support of this event.

The second way to support us is by recruiting restaurants and other local businesses to commit to providing a portion of their sales for the day to all customers who mention that they are there for the Trinity Kids fundraiser.

If you are a restaurant or other business and would like to participate in this exciting, and new, fundraising event, utilize the forms below to get involved or click here for contact information.

Send a Kid to Camp Day


Event Date: April 26, 2016


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