How can I serve?

Trinity Kids is an all-volunteer organization and as we continue to grow, our need for people to serve in one capacity or another continues to grow as well.  

We all contribute in different ways.  Our individual talents and our calling to serve may differ, but the work of missions is a shared effort.  It is our work, and it is yours.  We labor together.  We believe that God calls people to help in various ways and sometimes that means serving in areas that may be outside of our comfort zone.

You can give back to children in our community by serving with us as we deliver our programs, operate our fundraisers, or through general support that our organization needs.  If you feel led to help us in another way not mentioned below, or if we can serve you in another way, please let us know.

Volunteer Positions

There are numerous volunteer positions where you can serve with one of our programs, Royal Family KIDS or ConnecTeen, or with one of our fundraising opportunities.  If you have specific skills that you believe can help our organization overall, you might consider one of our volunteer staff positions with responsibilities impacting the entire organization.

One of our primary volunteer needs is for those who are willing and able to work directly with the children at one of our weeks of summer camp (RFK) or at one or more of our various outings with teenagers involved with ConnecTeen. Volunteers who work with children in either of these two programs will have to complete a volunteer application, pass a background check, and be interviewed by our executive directors and/or other staff. 

To learn more about various volunteer positions, download one of our Volunteer Position guides to the right.