What is ConnecTeen?

ConnecTeen group entertainment

ConnecTeen was created to provide opportunities to continue building appropriate and loving relationships with young adults, aged 12 to 18, who are "graduates" of our Royal Family KIDS program during the ages of 12 to 18.

This allows Trinity Kids volunteers to reconnect with campers that they have worked with during past RFK camps. and to continue to build trusting relationships with these survivors of abuse and neglect.

How does the ConnecTeen program work?

Visit to Dallas Cowboys stadium.
Visit to the Dallas Cowboys stadium

Currently, we have several events each year for past RFK campers to spend time with past guides and camp staff.  Typically, these events include team building activities, food and conversation.

We have visited museums, tackled ropes courses, played Putt-Putt and even enjoyed skating.  Spending time with them and listening to their stories is a huge step in building relationships.

What is the significance of the ConnecTeen logo?

Leonhardt Lagoon @ Fair Park

The name ConnecTeen was chosen to describe the purpose of the program, Connecting with Teenage survivors of child abuse, neglect and abandonment.

The ConnecTeen logo has multiple symbols embedded in the design. The letters "C" and "T" are artistically shown, as well as a Christian cross.  Additionally, the logo appears to show two birds, a large bird leading a smaller bird, representing the adult volunteer leading a teenager.



Past Events City
Serve @ Mission Arlington Arlington
Bowling Arlington
Movie - Journey II Grand Prairie
Dallas Cowboys Stadium Arlington
Leonhardt Lagoon/Fair Park Dallas