What is Royal Family KIDS?

Royal Family KIDS

Royal Family KIDS (RFK) is the nation’s leading network of week-long residence camps for abused, neglected and abandoned children, ages 6 through 12.  Local non-profit organizations and churches "franchise" a Royal Family KIDS' camp and partner with agencies responsible for child protective services and foster care in order to find children who would benefit from this program.

RFK operates camps where kids are allowed to be kids for a week that is filled with activities designed to make them feel safe while they have fun.  And most of all, it is a week that “creates positive memories” for each child.  All the children in attendance have similar backgrounds, and therefore do not feel like they are somehow "different" than any other child at camp.

The camp curriculum and activities are designed specifically to build self-esteem.  Finally, the camp guides are paired with only two children for the week and are trained to handle their unique needs and behaviors.

Read the 2018 Royal Family KIDS Annual Report by clicking here.

How does Trinity Kids operate a Royal Family KIDS camp?

Fishing at the lake

Trinity Kids operates two week-long camps (#047 / #293) under a franchise agreement of the Royal Family KIDS program during each summer. Our camps are specifically designed for kids that have survived abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Each activity helps to uplift the campers' spirits and focus on their creativity and youthful energies.

The goal is to bring smiles to their faces and create positive memories. They fly kites, dye t-shirts, build birdhouses, create art projects, play games, get dressed up, catch grasshoppers, hit golf balls, shoot basketballs and many other activities.  They even get to swim twice a day, go on hikes, participate in organized sports, and go fishing.  They just get to spend time having fun.

Everyone's Birthday Party
Everyone's Birthday Party

Each night includes special entertainment with vocalists, camp fires, magicians and game night. Knowing that some of these children never get a birthday party, or even know when their birthday is, we hold an "Everyone's Birthday" celebration that includes cake, ice cream, party favors and a box full of gifts for each child. This is one of their favorite activities of the week.  Each day ends with then getting to sleep in their own bed which is a luxury for some of them.

Faith Walk
Faith Walk

When campers arrive, they receive a memory bag containing a water bottle, activity book, t-shirt, bible, and MP3 player.  At the end of the week each camper receives a photo album with photos of themselves from their week at camp.

We close the week with a graduation ceremony and a talent show where every camper is allowed to showcase a talent that might include singing, jumping rope, dancing or dribbling a basketball.  The graduation ceremony is for campers that turn 12 years old and will be transitioning to our ConnecTeen program.  During the ceremony the guide for each graduating camper shares positive things they have observed about their camper to the rest of the group. This is an act of affirmation and serves as another opportunity to build self-esteem.

RFK Facts (2019) Total
Campers 9,846
Camps 276
States 42
Counties 582
Countries 9
Volunteers 15,556
Volunteer Hours 2,010,897
 Total Adoptions 172